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Our thoughts

Our thoughts

The Privacy Act changes are coming – is your business ready?

Long-needed changes to New Zealand’s Privacy Act are not far off. If your business collects, stores or uses personal customer and/or employee information (you’d be hard-pressed to find a business that doesn’t!), then it’s important you know what the changes

What should a CTO consider when developing a Technology Roadmap?

A clear Technology Roadmap is a great tool for ensuring your technology is working for you and your organisation.  Here are five steps your CTO can take towards a sound strategy. Align technology decisions with business objectives Your strategy needs

5 Tips for Making your Software Development Outsourcing Strategy a Success

Outsourcing software development talent has fantastic benefits for businesses of all sizes, offering expertise on-demand. However, the success of this process is heavily influenced by the amount of effort that is put in upfront.  This offshoring strategy is likely to

Are Microservices the answer to Feature Fatigue?

Sales success is easy. All you need is a product that looks great and has more features than the competition. Of course, once your competitors see your feature-packed, great looking product, they will want to add some new features to their product,

Four guidelines on how to create an inspiring incentive scheme

Planning on providing an incentive scheme for your team but don’t know where to start? Follow these four simple guidelines to get you on the way: No.1 Alignment Firstly, think of your company’s vision and strategies are and how this

What’s the difference between a good and a great Agile team?

What makes the difference between a good agile team and a great agile one? This question has been at the minds of leaders in the software industry for years. It is well recognised that building high performing teams have always

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