Belbin Team Roles are very useful to you business.
The nature of our working environment has changed significantly over the last few decades with people having to adapt to new situations, technologies and tasks on a regular basis.

Amongst that level of change people have remained a constant factor within the workplace and this has necessitated greater collaboration between colleagues. In turn this has facilitated in-depth research on the impact that successful teams can have on a company’s culture and profitability.

What Belbin Team Roles does?

One of the most notable contributions to this research has come from Meredith Belbin and his team. They have spent decades researching team behaviour and how it can positively affect work situations.

Belbin Team Roles profiling is a way of measuring how individuals prefer to interact within group situations and it uses the concept of balancing Team Roles to assemble high performance teams. Their research identified nine behavioral styles, and therefore people, that can combine together to form efficient and well performing teams across all work environments that require collaboration.

Belbin Team Roles profiling can be utilised to provide individual self-awareness for employees, provide a framework for existing or new teams, aid the recruitment process and provide a positive contribution to your company’s training and development programme.
Belbin Team Roles