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Belbin Team Roles

Great teams start with Belbin! Belbin Team Roles is the language of teams, enabling individuals to be able to project and talk about their behavioural strengths in a productive, safe and non-confrontational way.

By using Belbin, individuals have a greater self-understanding of their strengths, which leads to more effective communication between colleagues and managers. Great teams can be put together, existing teams can be understood and improved, and everyone can feel that they are making a difference in the workplace.

What is Belbin?

Belbin Team Roles are very useful to you business.
The nature of our working environment has changed significantly over the last few decades with people having to adapt to new situations, technologies and tasks on a regular basis.

Amongst that level of change people have remained a constant factor within the workplace and this has necessitated greater collaboration between colleagues. In turn this has facilitated in-depth research on the impact that successful teams can have on a company’s culture and profitability.



Mediators are independent, committed to helping parties resolve a problem. A mediators role is to encourage the individuals or parties involved to identify the real issues, help them better communicate these issues and guiding them on how to overcome the challenges. Rachel has many years’ experience achieving great outcomes working with employers and employees.


Stratigence quickly got to grips with my business, understood my challenges and worked closely with my team to deliver a result that exceeded my expectations and delivered under budget.

Ian Anderson, CEO Streamliners

Jordana helped me understand my customer base and where to focus our marketing and sales effort. It gave us a strong understanding of both our position in the market, and who our ideal customer was. She helped us with exporting into new markets overseas focusing on those ideal customers.

Andrew Hill, CEO Treshna Enterprises
Chris Laidlow

When looking for expert marketing advice, we sought proposals from, and interviewed several marketing companies. Choosing Stratigence was a no brainer for us because it was immediately obvious that they understood our business and spoke our language. Dealing with Jordana and Chris is a pleasure. They are not shy in challenging our thinking and this has resulted in a new model for promoting our products and services. Highly recommended.

Chris Laidlow, CEO Lutra

Chris is great at putting the team at ease, and has a wealth of experience and anecdotes to lend credence to what he’s teaching. He went the extra mile to understand where we’re at and what we needed from the training, and tailored the session focus accordingly. The session had a great balance between core content, and questions & discussion, and Chris did a good job at keeping up momentum. We are moving forward in a productive direction as a result of this.

Jeremy Lawson, Development Manager of Opmetrix
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