Our services

We understand high growth companies cannot always justify a c-suite executive team
and as such we have developed a flexible group of c-suite professionals to work collaboratively across your business.
Every recommendation we make is based on evidence and peer reviewed so you can be sure our thought leadership will produce results.

What we do

Our Area of Expertise

As we’re based in Christchurch, we know what your business needs to make the next step and we are dedicated to working alongside our clients to reach our goals together. Stratigence produces innovative and realistic plans to solve any Governance, Technology, Marketing or Human Resources challenges holding back your business.

Our team offers a personalised approach to produce a coherent and scalable strategy that is ready to be implemented at all levels of your business.

Through our services and contacts, your business can now enjoy flexible director-level insight and resource, regardless of size. This is a vital step to reach the next stage in the growth of your business.

Our consultants ensure that your business receives a growth strategy that perfectly suits your plans for the future of the business, whilst addressing the challenges you face.

We have previously delivered highly successful projects in Australia, Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East; but we’re now fully focused on working with businesses closer to home.

Our focus is on collaborating with New Zealand CEOs and entrepreneurs to help these innovative businesses fulfill their potential.

Tell your story once!
No need to waste your time bringing a variety
of agencies up to speed on your challenges.

Other Services

Once the strategy is in play, we have a pool of consultants from around NZ and the world that can deliver on the implementation if you don’t have the workforce in-house. If you do have the workforce we are happy to support, coach and upskill your teams.
Some of the areas we help our clients are in SEO, agile implementation, google analytics, Belbin team roles, digital marketing campaigns, customer research and performance reviews.

Solving complex problems
for NZ businesses.