Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Allow us to step in on a part time basis to advise on an optimal technology plan followed by coaching your team through implementation. Let us build a realistic technology roadmap for you, that means your business won’t be held back by your software.

How a CTO can transform your business

Not every business is ready for a full time CTO with many just needing some advice on the next step. If your business needs an objective voice, help building a technology roadmap, or someone to assist managing your delivery process, Stratigence can help.

We have a pool of technology experts that we work with both locally and internationally. We call on the right people with expert knowledge to support the delivery of your objectives. We work with experts across

  • Information security
  • User experience research
  • Graphic design
  • Business analysis
  • Content creation
  • Software development

Cyber Security

With business information being stored in an increasingly connected world the threat of data loss or a security breach is growing rapidly. CERT New Zealand reported an increase of 220% for the second half of this year over last year and global trends continue in the same vein. As a result businesses are looking to understand the information security risks that they are currently operating with, and how they can put in place controls to effectively manage it.

Stratigence is experienced at taking companies on a journey, we help you understand your information security risk and make informed choices on what to controls to put in place to build a cost-effective security implementation plan.


High Performing Teams

We work with your delivery team to develop a process that ensures they are meeting your expectations. We know that one size doesn’t fit all. Talk to us about smoothing out your delivery bumps and get your process ‘humming’. Improve code quality, decrease delivery timescales, build strong delivery teams where individuals trust each other.

Scalable software

Scalable software

As your business grows your customers get bigger and their expectations on your solution increases. This challenge can be hard to plan for or indeed find the time to manage. We provide an expert performance and scalability consultation that will identify the aspects of the software which are restricting performance and offer advise on how to cost effectively scale your solution.

Other Services

We have a range of services that can help you solve your most pressing problems


Stratigence quickly got to grips with my business, understood my challenges and worked closely with my team to deliver a result that exceeded my expectations and delivered under budget.

Ian Anderson, CEO Streamliners

Jordana helped me understand my customer base and where to focus our marketing and sales effort. It gave us a strong understanding of both our position in the market, and who our ideal customer was. She helped us with exporting into new markets overseas focusing on those ideal customers.

Andrew Hill, CEO Treshna Enterprises
Chris Laidlow

When looking for expert marketing advice, we sought proposals from, and interviewed several marketing companies. Choosing Stratigence was a no brainer for us because it was immediately obvious that they understood our business and spoke our language. Dealing with Jordana and Chris is a pleasure. They are not shy in challenging our thinking and this has resulted in a new model for promoting our products and services. Highly recommended.

Chris Laidlow, CEO Lutra

Chris is great at putting the team at ease, and has a wealth of experience and anecdotes to lend credence to what he’s teaching. He went the extra mile to understand where we’re at and what we needed from the training, and tailored the session focus accordingly. The session had a great balance between core content, and questions & discussion, and Chris did a good job at keeping up momentum. We are moving forward in a productive direction as a result of this.

Jeremy Lawson, Development Manager of Opmetrix
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