Bespoke software that perfectly suits your business needs

Do you want to get ahead of your competition? Does your company have a business process that should be automated?   Do your customers need more immediate feedback on how things are going?

Stratigence develop bespoke software solutions to meet the needs of NZ businesses.  We work with your key people to identify what you need and build a software application that will fit what you are looking for precisely.

All the features you want, customised to your exact needs. From simple web applications for your business to eCommerce website development and bespoke CRM systems, we can create the ideal solution to support your business case. Web development and mobile applications are as much a technical endeavour as they are a social one. Focusing on the purpose of the solution and putting the users and business needs first ensures a successful outcome. Once this is in place, we work using an Agile methodology to provide you with an application that responds efficiently to your needs.

Responsive Design

Our focus at Stratigence is to build a software application that is a customer-friendly solution and easily used on any platform.
We know your customers are not all the same and use a variety of displays and devises. We always make sure your app will on the phones, laptops and 32inch monitors.

We provide a cross-device solution that gives your users a consistent experience across all platforms.

Responsive Design
Software app development

Web Applications

People’s working hours are no longer 9 – 5, Monday to Friday. Many expect to be able to work and access information from a company when they need if from wherever they are; a web application offers companies a flexible, cost-effective and secure way to meet this need. There are many types of custom web applications our clients need from a streamlined version of an internal system to increase the efficiency of remote or travelling employees, to an interactive tool to help build brand loyalty with customers. A web application can deliver on all of these solutions.

Mobile Solutions

Talking about developing a mobile application? Talk to us! A software development company in Christchurch with a difference. We develop customer-centric mobile apps with you at the heart of the process, to create an exceptional user experience. Our team of passionate mobile app developers scale up your ideas to create the highest quality app development service.

Mobile Application Development
Responsive Design

Data Integration

A secure, centralised solution. It is vital that modern businesses rely on software that is easy to use, secure and provides valuable data in order to stay competitive. Relying on multiple software packages that do not fit together can waste time and leave your data at risk. It could result in duplicate data entry and unnecessarily complex processes.

At Stratigence we have years of experience integrating software together into one centralized and secure location that improves productivity and provides useful insights into your data. Save time and resources by automating repetitive tasks with software you can trust to perform to an excellent standard.

API Integrations

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are essential for communication or interaction between software applications, devices and data. APIs are often referred to as third-party services or external platforms. Thus, APIs allow web applications to tap into big services like Google Maps or Facebook, or critical databases like CRMs or accounting systems, resulting in time savings, wider audiences, flexibility, efficiency and personalization.

API Integration

How does our Software Development process work?

Ready to start or enhance your software application? It is simply a matter of contacting Stratigence, and from there we will:

Whether you’re a small company looking for growth, or a mid- to large-sized organisation looking to adopt technology that will allow you to work better, our Stratigence software development team are here to help.